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Financial services have yet to reach out to many Vietnamese people

In Vietnam, most poor people have no access to many mobile banking services

The State Bank of Vietnam has more tools to control cash flows

The fluctuations of Interest rates and the exchange ratehave beenunder the control of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), which would allow SBV to carry out the policy of transferring State Treasury’s deposits from commercial banks to SBV.

Active and flexible monetary policy regulation

On 21st May 2018,an additional report on the results of socio-economic development in 2017, early 2018 and the key tasks and solutions in the coming time was deliveredto the National Assembly byStanding Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh, in which he emphasized: an active and flexible monetary policy would ensure the liquidity and safety of the financial system.

For third year in row, the State Bank of Vietnam leads in administrative reform

On May 2, 2018, the Public Administrative Reform(PAR) Steering Committee of the Government announcedPublic Administration Reform Index (PAR Index) of ministries, branches, provinces and centrally-governed cities, along with Satisfaction Index of Public Administration Services in 2017. According to this, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) reached the highest index scoreof 92.36%. This wasthe 3rd consecutive year that the SBVwas ranked No.1 in terms of public administration reform in ministries. 

The Deposit Insurance of Vietnam officially transformsits information technology system from Data centre to Data recovery centre

From March 3 to April 4, 2018, the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (DIV) officially transformed its information technology (IT) system from the Data Centre (DC) to the Data Recovery Centre(DRC). 

Banks focus on implementing solutions to improve security in payment

At the regular government’s press conference of April 2018 in the afternoon of May 3, Deputy Governor of the State Bank Nguyen Thi Hong responded to the press regarding the security and safety in card payment.

Ensuring liquidity of credit institutions and stabilizing monetary market

The State Bank of Vientam (SBV) has recently submitted to the National Assembly a report on the implementation of resolutions of the National Assembly, which confirmed that the SBV has actively researched, reviewed and drastically implemented the contents related to activities of the banking sector.

Building the legal framework to manage virtual money and assets

Regarding virtual money and assets, including the Bitcoin, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) is coordinating with the Ministry of Justice to study and develop an appropriate management framework.

Member list of the National Advisory Council on Financial and Monetary Policies

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has recently issued a Decision on the member list of The National Advisory Council on Financial and Monetary Policies established under the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1079/QĐ-TTg dated June 17, 2016

The State Bank of Vietnam promptly implements Law on amendments and supplements of Law on Credit institutions

Right before and after the Law on amendment and supplement to some articles of the Law on Credit Institutions was passed by the National Assembly (Law no. 17/2017/QH14), the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) took initiatives in drafting plans to make sure this law would beexecuted effectively  right after the enforcement date.

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