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Việt Nam makes significant progress in sustainable finance reforms

Việt Nam is among 38 emerging market economies to have adopted significant banking reforms to boost development and combat climate change, the second Global Progress Report of the IFC-facilitated Sustainable Banking Network (SBN) revealed.

Basel II deadline rapidly approaching, are banks on course to meet norms?

In 2016 the State Bank set a deadline of January 1, 2020, for 17 banks to meet Basel II norms under a national banking sector development strategy.

Developing capital market, reducing dependence on bank capital

In recent years, Vietnam’s capital market has had considerable development steps, but its scale is still small compared to that of other markets in the region. There is still imbalance between the channel of supplying capital through the money market (mainly implemented through the banking system) and the channel of supplying capital through the capital market. In that context, the banking sector has always strived to provide capital for the economy.

Deposit insurance coverage limit and confidence of depositors

It can be said that current deposit insurance (DI) policy in Vietnam has madecertain contributions to strengthening depositors' confidence in the safety and soundness of the banking system. However, in order to makeDI policymore effective, meet the increasingly diverseand complexdevelopment of the financial markets in general and the banking system in particular, DI policy should be continuously renewed. In particular, the DI coverage limit is probably the first  issue that captures depositors’ interest. To most effectively achieve the ultimate objective of DI policy that is to strengthen depositors' confidence in the banking system, the DI coverage limit needs to be adjusted periodically, in line with the development of the economy as well as people’s living standard.

Improving risk control in investment in corporate bonds

The State Bank of Vietnam (the SBV) has just issued the Document No 6128/NHNN-TTGSNH dated August 08, 2019 requiring domestic commercial banks to control risks in investment in corporate bonds.

Vietnam steps up fight against dollarization

The stability of the VND has contributed to decreasing demand for the dollar as people prefer the national currency due to the large spread between interest rates on VND and the dollar.

Credit institutions expect rosy prospects for 2019

Most of credit institutions have expected better business performance for the fourth quarter as well as the whole of 2019, according to a recent survey by the State Bank of Vietnam.

Policy credit helps building of new-style rural areas

Policy credit has for many years become a main direct tool for Dak Lak province to implement the National Target Programme (NTP) on Sustainable Poverty Reduction and New-style Rural Area Construction.

Ensuring operational safety of People’s Credit Funds

After nearly 25 years of establishment and development, the system of people's credit funds (PCFs) has constantly grown in size, quantity and operation, demonstrating the effectiveness of financial and banking policies including deposit insurance (DI) policy.

Exchange rate management policy proves effective

The State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV)'s exchange rate management policy has been appropriate and effective, creating benefits for the economy and confidence for the market.

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