Laos DPF visits DIV and participates in training course on “deposit insurance system modernization” and “financial institutions analysis”

>As planned by the two agencies’ leaders, from November 21st–23rd, the The Depositor Protection Fund (PDF) of Lao PDR paid a working visit to the Deposit insurance of Vietnam (DIV) and participated in a training course on “Deposit Insurance System Modernization” and “Financial Institutions Analysis – a highlight on people’s credit funds”, which was held at the DIV’s headquarters.
The ceremony to welcome the DPF and launch the training course was attended by Mrs Sengdaovy Vongkhamsao - the DPF’s General Director; Mr. Khonesamay Vorarath – the DPF’s Deputy General Director and  representing leaders from the DPF’s professional departments. The event also saw the participation of Mr Nguyen Quang Huy – the DIV’s Chairman of Board of Directors; Mr. Vu Van Long, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Luu, Mr. Ngo Quang Luong – the DIV’s Deputy General Directors, Mr. Do Quoc Tinh – Controller of the DIV; and leaders of relevent departments at the DIV’s headquarters, including module representatives of the Financial Sector Modernization and Information Management System (FSMIMS) Project - DIV’s Component. At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy confirmed the close relationship between DIV and DPF; also assured a further development of bilateral cooperation and technical support for DPF.
The training coursewas held for the DIV to share experiences in implementing the FSMIMS Project with relevant modules of Resolution, Financial Management, Risk Monitoring, Document Management. Meanwhile, the training course also focused on introducing practical experience in analyzing financial institutions, with a highlight on local people’s credit funds.
The lecturing method used in the training course was delivering presentations with case studies, which would help the trainees from the DPF to attain useful skills which could be effectively applied to their jobs.
The training course is a good opportunity for both agencies to share their practical experiences in terms of deposit insurance, which would contribute to improve operational quality, to realize the policy objectives of protecting depositors and maintaining stability of the financial system in the two nations.
DPF’s General Director – Mrs Sengdaovy Vongkhamsao expressed the gratitude to DIV for the constructive support over the last period of time. Mrs. Sengdaovy hoped the bilateral cooperation continue to be developed. Especially, DPF always would like DIV to support DPF in implementing professional tasks when the Decree is approved in the near future.
Recently, The Depositor Protection Fund (DPF) of Lao PDR and the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (DIV), have had regular bilateral cooperation and experience sharing activities in the field of deposit insurance in accordance with the MOU signed in August 2016.
The DIV’s Research and International Cooperation Department