DIV attends the workshop on Deposit insurance framework in Laos


From 15-19/11/2016 in Vientiane, Laos, the delegation of the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (DIV) led by Deputy General Director – Mr. Nguyen Dinh Luu, attended the workshop on “Deposit Insurance Framework” held by the Deposit Protection Fund of Laos (DPF).

Participants at the workshop were leaders and officers from the Bank of Laos, DPF Laos and DIV, including: DPF General Director – Ms. Sengdaovy Vongkhamsao, DIV Controller, Mr. Do Quoc Tinh, senior officers and staff members from departments at DIV’s headquarters.

At the workshop, senior officers from DIV’s departments presented practices of deposit insurance policy implementation in Vietnam, such as: Overview of deposit insurance system, financial management, premium assessment and management, insurance payment procedures. These key functional activities of DIV attracted great attention and high appreciation from participants.

As part of the business trip, the DIV had a bilateral meeting with the DPF to share information on banking and financial activities. The DIV and the DPF also shared viewpoints on functions, mandates and implementation process of deposit insurance activities. The General Director of the DPF - Ms. Sengdaovy Vongkhamsao expressed her gratitude for the DIV’s on-going support to date, and  expected that the bilateral cooperation between two organizations would contribute to the sustainable development and soundness of banking system in each country. Ms. Sengdaovy wished the DIV would continue to support DPF’s functional activities as soon as the Decree on deposit insurance of Laos would come into effect.

In response, DIV representative - Deputy General Director, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Luu thanked DPF Laos’s appreciation and believed in the good relationship between the DIV and the DPF, following the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2015. He hoped that the DIV and the DPF would exchanged more practical and effective coordination activities for the development of both organizations.

The DIV’s Research and International Cooperation Department