World Bank delegation pays working visit to DIV’s Southern Central and Central Highlands branch


On 12 May 2017, a delegation of the World Bank led by Ms. Uller Lohmus paid a working visit to the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (DIV)’s regional branch in Southern Central and Central Highlands. The working session was attended by Ms. Pham Bao Khanh – DIV’s Deputy General Director, Mr. Nguyen Xuan – the branch’s Director and some representatives of leaders and officials of the branch. 

The working session focused on collecting information to assess the impact of theFinancial Sector Modernization and Information Management System (FSMIMS) Project to the DIV in enhancing depositors protection, information sharing and using within DIV as well as between the DIV and other relevant agencies to ensure the safe and sound credit institutions system.

During the meeting, Ms.Uller Lohmus raised many questions to survey the benefits brought by FSMIMS Project’s software programs applied in the branch and challenges that the branch had encountered. Ms Uller Lohmus revealed that among the project’s applied software programs, the ERP application in many countries also faced difficulties. Besides, she shared some experiences and made some recommendations for the ERP application in the branch. 

The branch representatives made presentations on the reception and operation of the new system, training courses within the FSMIMS project attended by the branch’s staff, benefits of the new system application for users at the branch and their expectations for future usage. They also shared practical experiences, both good and bad, during their application of the new software programs in daily professional activities.

Speaking at the working session, Ms. Pham Bao Khanh - DIV’s Deputy General Director – expressed great thanks to the World Bank and highly appreciated their support and contribution to the FSMIMS project (DIV component) implementation. She affirmed that the DIV would continue to promote training courses for all staff so that the project’s software programs would be best used.

Department of Administration – DIV’s Southern Central and Central Highlandsbranch