DIV shares experiences of deposit insurance functional activities with Laos DPF


On June 28th 2017, DIV hosted 02 workshops for Laos Deposit Protection Fund  within the framework of annual cooperation and sharing on topics of mutual concerns.

The workshops addressed topics proposed by Laos DPF on Introduction of the DIV research, international cooperation and Experience to join the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) and Supervision of the deposits and premiums of insured institutions  which were held at the same time to share deposit insurance expertise.

The event was attended by Mrs. Daomanivone Vilayvieng – DPF’s Deputy General Director and representatives from DPF’s functional departments. DIV’s participants were Mr. Dao Quoc Tinh - DIV’s General Director, Mr. Vu Van Long – DIV’s Deputy General Director and officers of relevant departments at DIV’ headquarters. 

Since the signing of the MOU in 2011, DIV and DPF have executed numerous  cooperation activities, shared experience, expertise and sports exchange. Upon DPF’s proposal, two workshops were held at the same time about DIV’s main functions. The first one named “Introduction of the DIV’s research, international cooperation and experience to join IADI” presented  DIV’s major works in recent years such as  the Draft Development Strategy of DIV by 2025, the sector-level projects, DIV-level projects, etc.  and introduced multilateral and bilateral cooperation activities, benefits and experiences of IADI and APRC membership. The second workshop named “Supervision of the deposits and premiums of insured institutions”, focused on surveys of deposits, rules and methods to examine insured deposits, supervision of premiums and the collection of premiums conducted by DIV at the moment.

Mr. Dao Quoc Tinh hoped that DIV’s experience in the last 20 years of operation could be a lesson for DPF to improve its performance after the approval of the Decree on DPF operation and expected DPF could soon become a full member of the IADI

On behalf of DPF delegation, Mrs. Daomanivone Vilayvieng expressed her sincere thanks to DIV’s Board of Management for organizing these workshops and sharing DIV’s policy and operation. DPF would learn from the DIV’s experiences to enhance DPF’s role and capability in the Laos financial system, namely promoting the applied research, deposit supervision capacity, premiums assessment and collection. Besides, DPF hoped to improve the international cooperation through becoming a full member of IADI in the coming time. 

DIV’s Research and International Cooperation Department