DIV participated in the 15th APRC Annual meeting and the International conference in Indonesia


From July 16th to 20th 2017, the 15th Annual meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Committee (APRC) – International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) was held at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Besides, the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC), in collaboration with IADI and APRC, organized the Regional Workshop and International Conference on "Enhancing the DI role through resolution activities". DIV participated in this series of events as a member of the APRC and the host of the 16th APRC Annual Meeting in 2018.

The first event in Yogyakarta was the Regional Workshop which focused on some issues such as dealing with problem banks, financial safety net arrangements and resolution funding.  This technical workshop was the initiative of IADI in order to enhance the interaction and information sharing among DI practitionersfrom member institutions on regional issues. Representativesof deposit insurers from Canada, Australia, Turkey, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and India provided information about risk monitoring, early warning,and resolution of problem banks, resolution funding and the coordination among financial safety net players. At the workshop, on behalf of DIV, Ms.PhanThi Thanh Binh, director of the Research and International Cooperation Department, gave a presentation about the experiences of Vietnam on resolution. Participants from 20 countries also had the discussion with a view to gaining useful information and expertise from different perspectives, challenges and lessons.  It can be seen that the most notable topics are: Firstly, a mechanism for effective coordination and information sharing among relevant agencies in resolution activities should be in place, including the improved role of the deposit insurance institutions. Secondly, bail-in (a rescue measure through which shareholders and lenders (usually from private sector) help handle part of the debts) was considered a more sustainable and appropriate solution compared with capital injection from external parties (bail-out) as before.

In addition, the APRC International Conference was held with the participation of senior leaders from deposit insurance institutions and relevant agencies such as the Ministry of Finance, the financial supervision agency, etc. The host country, Indonesia, chose the theme for this year's workshop as “Reforming Deposit Insurance – How Far Have We Gone?". The workshop highlighted the lessons learned for deposit insurance institutions after the global financial crisis, experiences and specific case studies such as Korea (KDIC), Indonesia (IDIC), Germany (European deposit insurance scheme), Canada (CDIC), Japan (DICJ) and Russia (DIA).

In the series of this event, the APRC's 15th Annual Meeting passed the administrative documents, updated activities and adopted a number of recommendations from the Strategic Priorities and Action Plans Committee (SPAC), approved the hosting of the 16th Annual Meeting of DIV. As the host of the next meeting, the DIV delegation briefly presented the 16th APRC plan for 2018 in Vietnam and a short video clip of Hanoi. At the same time, Mr. Nguyen QuangHuy, Chairman of DIV's Board of Directors was unanimously elected the Deputy Chairman of APRC until the next Annual Meeting.

On the sideline of the Conference and Workshop, the delegation had bilateral meetings with the APRC Chairman and the Secretariat to discuss the organization of the 16th APRC in Hanoi;  meetings with deposit insurance institutions such as IDIC, Korea, Philippineson bilateral cooperation plans; and meeting with Mr. David Walker, IADI Secretary General and Ms. Maisha John, Team Leader of the IADI Self-Assessment Technical Assistance Program (SATAP) to report the summarized results of DIV’s self-assessment of the compliance with Core principles for deposit deposit insurance systems and discuss plans for SATAP implementation in the coming time.

Research and International Cooperation Department