DIV’s research teams successfully defends scientific themes


On December 14, 2017, the research teamsof the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (DIV) defended 03 grassroot-levelapplied scientific themes, namely: Enhancing the DIV’s training and human resource development; Solutions for sustainable development of the People’s Credit Funds (PCFs) in Vietnam; and Improving legal framework for credit institutions bankruptcy.

The Advisory Councils for the resultassessment of the applied scientific themes consisted ofDr. Dao Quoc Tinh – Member of the DIV’s Board of Directors,  General Director - Advisory Councilchairmanand Advisory Council members including Dr. Nguyen Dinh Luu, Dr. Vu Van Long, Dr. Pham Bao Khanh – Deputy General Directors; some scientists including Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Minh Phuc – Editor in Chief of the Banking Magazine; Dr. Nguyen Nhu Minh – DIV’s former Deputy General Director; heads of some departments, at the DIV’s headquarters.

Making a presentation to the Advisory Council, MSc. Ngo Quang Luong - full-timemember of the DIV’s Board of Directors, head of the research team for the theme“Enhancing the DIV’s training and human resource development " highlighted the necessity, practical value, purposes, methodology and research results of the theme. The research team has outlined the theories of training and human resource development, training processes, strategies and international experiences; reviewing the situation and proposing solutions for the DIV’s training and human resource development.

This theme was evaluated by the Advisory Council as practical and would bring high effectiveness if implemented in DIV.

As for the theme "Solutions for sustainable development of the PCFs in Vietnam ", Dr. Nguyen Dinh Luu - Deputy General Director, head of the research team clearly presented the rationale for sustainable development of the PCF system; the situation of organization and operation of the PCF system in Vietnam and the solutions for sustainable development of the PCF system.  

TheAdvisory Council assessed thatthis theme was at national level, had been implemented with data compiled over manyyears. Itsresearch results are practical and applicable tonot only theDIV but also state management agencies such as the State Bank of Vietnam. Dr. Dao Quoc Tinh said that the theme could be upgraded to a ministerial level theme, which would emphasize the role of the DIV.

The third applied scientific theme entitled “Improving legal framework for credit institutions bankruptcy " was implemented by the research team headed by MSc. Le Hung Cuong - Head of Legal Affairs Department. The research team clearly stated the necessity of the theme, especially in the context that the intensive restructuring of credit institutions were underway. The theme focused on the current status of the legislation on credit institutions in Vietnam, especially on the pre-bankruptcy of credit institutions, special control, rehabilitation measures anddeposit insurance payout ... The study also recommended the Government and the SBV to complete the legislation on bankruptcy of credit institutions in Vietnam. The Advisory Council assessed that the theme had reviewed and analyzed many important contents of the legislation on the bankruptcy of credit institutions and made specific recommendations.  

All the three themes were highly appreciated by the Advisory Councils and can be appliedto reality after some amendments. 

Research and International Cooperation Department