The Deposit Insurance of Vietnam held a bilateral meeting with the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation

From March 21-23, 2018, the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC) paid a working visit to Vietnam under the framework of the Vietnam-Korea Financial Cooperation Forum. The Vietnam -Korea Financial Cooperation Forum is an initiative of the Korea Council for International Financial Cooperation (CIFC) and the Vietnam Bankers’ Association. At the forum, leaders of KDIC and DIV participated in presenting and discussing deposit insurance policies and cooperative activities between the two organizations.
During KDIC’s visit in Vietnam, DIV held a bilateral meeting with KDIC delegation in the afternoon of March 21, 2018. Attending the meeting were Mr. Kwak Bum-gook, Chairman& President and some senior officials of the KDIC. On the part of DIV, there were Mr. Nguyen QuangHuy, Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Linh Nam, Deputy General Director and some other officers.
At the meeting, DIV and KDIC reviewed cooperation activities between the two organizations, particularly appreciated the training programs provided by KDIC for deposit insurance organizations that have MOU with KDIC. In the near future, DIV hopes that KDIC will continue to support DIV by sending experts to Vietnam to train and share practical experiences on implementation of deposit insurance policies, banking restructure, etc…
At the end of the meeting, both sides expressed their wishes that the relationship between the two organizations will continue to be strengthened in the coming time. DIV expects to welcome the KDIC delegation at the 16th Annual APRC Annual Meeting and the International Conference held in April 2018 in Hanoi.
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