The Deposit Insurance of Vietnam officially transformsits information technology system from Data centre to Data recovery centre


From March 3 to April 4, 2018, the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (DIV) officially transformed its information technology (IT) system from the Data Centre (DC) to the Data Recovery Centre(DRC). 

Participating in this transformation were leaders, professional staff from departments and staff of the IT department at DIV’s headquarters. In branches, participating in this transformation were leaders of branches, all professional staff and technical staff of branches. Besides, there was support from employees of the FPT Information system joint-stock company (FIS).

DC and DRC play an important role in data management, protection and preservation of DIV.  Stored data are information about supervision, examination of and premium collection from insured institutions, internal management data, etc. Besides, DRC also ensures restoration of the system in the quickest way once there is any impact or incident which influences DC. DRC (located in Da Nang) has recovery function and is linked to DC (in Hanoi) through a transmission line and a back-up transmission line.

Transformation from DC to DRC was of great significance to DIV in ensuring operationalreadiness and maximum accuracy of DRC, helping DIV to detect and timely correct incompatible-type errors in technical aspects, operational procedures, data arising during the period of upgrading and operating the system in each DC. This was a good opportunity for IT staff and end users to smoothly practicethe operation of these two systems, ensuring the provision of human resources to deal with incidents for minimizing the time of operational suspension.

To ensure operational readiness of systems in DRC at the beginning of thefollowing working week, professional staff at DIV’s headquarters and branches carried out a lot of tasks, including: participating in checking the systematic operation of applications in DRC and DC; participating in checking professional operations in DRC and DC; making reports on recording the checking results.

Based on that, the professional team of DIV’s headquarters will make reports on performance of each system relying on results of professional reports. Heads of TransformationCouncil will rely on these reports to make decisions at each stage of the transformation.

Before that, to ensure the transformation of the IT system to be successful, the FSMIMS Project Implementation Unit and the IT department coordinated with FIS to execute 3 simulations and a widespread training course for DIV’s staff as users.

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