The deposit insurance policy attracts attention of students


Students are important targets of financial and deposit insurance education programs. Accordingly, the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (the DIV) has carried out activities to disseminate the DI policy to students and initially received active responses.


 As the nation builders in the future, students should be better aware and sufficiently, timely provided with formation about DI to understand rights, obligations, sense of responsibility of a depositor, and thereby are able to make right decisions later in their life. About the significance of disseminating the DI policy to students, Mr. Ngo Quang Luong, member of the DIV’s Board of Directors said “After graduation, students with major in finance-banking will work in the industry and somehow involve in DI. However, curriculum in economic faculties of universities does not include the DI policy. Therefore, the DIV expects to coordinate with universities in disseminating basic knowledge of DI to students toward the objective of protecting potential depositors, contributing to the safety and soundness of the banking activities.

 To achieve that objective, the North Eastern regional branch of the DIV coordinated with the Accounting-Finance faculty, Hai Phong University to hold the contest “To understand the DI policy” on the occasion of the anniversary of the Vietnam Entrepreneur Day (October 13). The contest was attended by over 400 students at accounting-finance faculty who were well-prepared, creative. It had three main parts which were Greetings, Knowledge, Talents and Presentation and focused on fundamental contents of the DI policy such as coverage limit, DI premium, some functions of the DIV and best international practices. The Contest brought to life topics which are seemingly rigid and boring thanks to the active, enthusiastic participation of the students. The DIV also referred to a highly-interactive, creative and popular tool of communication to improve its effectiveness. Mr. Ngo Quang Luong pointed out that this contest opened up an opportunity for students to understand the DI policy through good quizzes. It will then become widely popular at universities, exerting positive effects on students.

 Moreover, students expressed their desire to access the DI policy from specialized lectures in their curriculum, and thereby grasp regulations related to rights and benefits of depositors as well as safe and sound banking operation. Tran Thi Khanh Huyen, the student of corporate accounting class 3 said that she herself and her classmates had searched for information about the DIV and the DI policy for a long time. They hoped to join more contests to gain valuable, practical knowledge for future career, and felt more secured with bank deposits.

 Assessing the effectiveness of communication through contests for students of Hai Phong University, Assoc. Pr. Dr. Nguyen Thai Son - Head of Accounting-Finance faculty -appreciated the multi-year cooperation between the DIV and Hai Phong University through such a significant event.” It has meaningful implications to students, the DIV and Hai Phong University and meets the objective of communication programs because the knowledge are practical and necessary for students’ future career. Preparation was thoroughly made, albeit within two weeks thanks to the support of the DIV and the efforts of students. We will coordinate with the DIV in organizing similar events with various contents, methods to attract attention from students and the whole community, for example, organizing contests among universities or on television”, said Mr. Son.

Disseminating the DI policy to students is also consistent with the policy of promoting the laws and policies to students in general and the financial inclusion policy in particular. It is an indispensable component of the financial education programs in the world. In this regards, the DIV will carry out various communication programs for students in economic, financial, banking faculties of the universities nationwide and therefore, it will exert positive impacts on Vietnamese young people and depositors in general, ensuring the rights of depositors